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Whether traveling solo, as a couple, or with children, grandchildren, siblings or friends, it's fun to create memories. The State Capitols Passport is a tasteful, usable keepsake for those who still like the sense of touch and want a way to document their visits to the architecturally diverse state capitols of the United States. As I used to tell visitors to the Minnesota State Capitol, visits are opportunities to learn about art, architecture, history, or government. You choose!


Visit Them All™ Passports are distinctive to carry around. The red, soft-touch cover is foil stamped creating a textural finish. The Pages are stitched with red thread, not staples, creating a more durable product—a keepsake meant to be used as you tour the 50 United States capitols! 

How to Use

Each passport includes 50 pages, one for each state. You can record your visit by dating and initialing each page in the area provided. Or buy some fun stickers and add them to your pages upon your visits. Maybe you'll get lucky and meet a legislator who can sign or stamp your page. Be as creative as you choose as you travel to all 50 capitols. 

In addition, the passport centerfold is an alphabetical checklist of the 50 capitols and capitol cities that you can use to see at a glance where you've been. Measuring 3.5" wide by 5" high, the passport is easy to carry around in a bag or shirt pocket,

Made Stateside

The Visit Them All™ Series of Passports are designed and produced in the the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. Saint Paul is home to the 1905 Minnesota State Capitol designed by Saint Paul architect Cass Gilbert, who went on to design the Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C. The Minnesota capitol reopened to the public for tours January 2017, following a four-year restoration project.


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Former Minnesota State Capitol tour guide Gail Froncek became inspired to create this series of passports during a summer Minnesota road trip, Recalling all the couples who visited the capitol on a quest to see all 50 United States Capitols, the idea of a simple, artful passport to document their adventures to state capitols and other places came to her. May you enjoy using your State Capitol Passport and future series passports!