What is the easiest way to reinsert the passport into the cello bag?

If you want to easily put your passport back in the cello bag it came in, (1) turn the passport around so you are Looking at the backside and (2) put the spine (or Folded) side in first.


How do I record my visits to the capitols?

On Each Capitol Page there is a Box with room to date and initial, or Sign Your name, to record your visit. you can record your visit yourself or ask a tour guide Sign and Date Your Passport. Feel free to Write over the Light Colored interesting Fact that is in the Box. 

If you would like us to produce and sell stickers for adding to your pages, let us know!


Is the passport recyclable?

Hopefully, it will be many years before you need to recycle your passport, but yes, the inside pages are recyclable. The cover is not as it is a stain resistant material and foil stamped.


Will you be selling the State Capitol Passport in shops and capitols in other states?

Yes, that is our intent. We've introduced the passport in Minnesota, our home state. If you have a shop you think we should contact, Let us know or link them to our website!  


Will you be selling other travel passports?

Yes, We expect to roll out a few More travel passports. If you want to be notified when other passports are released, Let us Know. 


Will you be adding a blog to the site?

At some Point We will add a blog. The focus may be on photos of capitols. If you have thoughts on what you would like to see or Read, Let us know! Or if you have Photos you would like to share, feel free to send them to Us. If we post them on Our Site, We will let you know and copyright them with your Name.


Do you ship to Europe?

Yes, We Have successfully Shipped so far to germany. Send us an email including your shipping Address. we'll find out the United States Postal Service Shipping rate which will include tracking. If you are okay with the Rate, we will send you a Paypal Invoice so you can complete your transaction. We will also complete the required customs Declaration Document.


Do you collect sales tax?

Only in Minnesota, our home state.


How do I order wholesale?

Use our Wholesale contact form to initiate the process. Current sales tax exemption certificates and federal tax ID numbers can be sent via email.


Thank you for Checking Out Our FAQ!